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We would be honored to entertain any comments you may have regarding this site or it's subject matter!

Please be thoughtful and try to understand that we are all learning and require each others positive help while on our journey!

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible for me under any circumstances to forward Emails to anyone I write about. Please respect the wishes of these Native people as you would expect your wishes to be respected and not ask me to contact them!

In addition we have no way of finding a Healer in the form of a Shaman or a Medicine man or any other form of helping you come to a resolution of your illness or those of your friends! This is illegal and can put us in a very untenable position. Any request of that form will be ignored and deleted from our emails. Thank- you!


 This is private email sent by me when and if I get to a point of sending it. I own it! I am responsible for its content and I reserve the right to promote any ideas I may have regarding Life - Honesty of Living and occasionally I will share my political opinions. I belong to no ideology other than that which the Creator shares with me. I follow the Creator and no-one else.









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