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It is not true that we come on this earth to live. We come only to sleep, only to dream. Our body is a flower. As grass becomes green in the springtime, So our hearts will open and give forth buds and then they wither. Aztec Sentiment




Astral Projection has been described as the separation of the subtle body which houses consciousness from the corporeal form, resulting in the experience of being outside of ones body with little or no control during the first few experiences. Astral projection rarely occurs only once in an individuals lifetime if it is to occur at all. People have been known to feel themselves pull from their body only to float up through the ceiling and out into the night sky. Often the perception of spinning is experienced. Through the techniques of Dreaming one will have Astral Projection type experiences, but they are not the point. To digress a bit, a lot of people seek to interpret the symbols of their dreams in an attempt to gain knowledge of what is going on in their life. In contrast, to the Dreamer, all of life is a dream. The tools used to interpret dreams is applied to those things going on around them in their waking world as well.

The Dreamer brings their dream awareness to bare on the world around them by bringing their waking consciousness to bare on their dream world. After a certain point there is little difference between being awake and being asleep. The power achieved through Dreaming is the ability to break the bonds of conventional or agreed upon reality long enough to physically manifest their dream energy. We are not referring to the ability to make ones dreams (imagination) come true one step at a time over a period of years. We are referring to opening a window and letting something in that under normal circumstances wouldn't be here or just wouldn't happen. More important than the distortion of physical reality (which is only done to prove a point ) is the realization of a world where everything is alive, therefore everything is equal. We begin by paying attention more to what is happening on the sidelines, the places we normally would not look. The things that are going on around us outside of direct contact. Down the road, across the street. We move where we do not look and look where we do not move. 1,000 miles or more is needed to break the hold of conventional reality. Few will go the distance. Many time I have dreamed entire events, word for word, sight for sight, feeling for feeling months ahead of time. How then is reality anything but a dream..


Dream Time


Some say that dreams are instructions and communications from our Spiritual mentors. These dreams are of necessity, ambiguous and subject to interpretation. The reason for the ambiguity is that spirit cannot directly interfere with our free choices of the paths that lead us on our journey through life. We must be free to make our own decisions, our own mistakes as well as our own success's. This is how we gain knowledge to grow back into the spiritual beings that we came from.

However our Spiritual mentors can attempt to help us as long as they do not break the rule of free choice. As such, much of our learning process comes from symbolism in one form or another. If we become wise we see the symbolism of life in our daily existence and if we are even wiser, we learn to interpret these symbols as guides to help us make good decisions for ourselves and for others.

Unfortunately our perceptions have been clouded by the ignorance of a society drowning in a sea of egoists and self-serving materialist's who see the general public as so much prey to be hunted and used and discarded. This circumstance has resulted in a separation of our spiritual perceptions to the point of non-existence or at the very least has caused our natural perceptions to go dormant from non use.

We can however, regain the use of these natural gifts with the help of others who are able to interpret the symbolism to a level of accuracy enough to start the process of self-activation of our own accurate interpretation of our daily symbolic input as well as our dreams. While no-one can interpret your personal symbolic life 100% of the time, many can get pretty close to that figure frequently enough to help us get comfortable with our own interpretations sometime down the road.

Whom do you choose to help you? Well that must be up to you, but be sure whoever it is, that you trust them implicitly. Do not go to someone you do not know, unless they are recommended by someone you would trust with your life. Because my friends that is exactly what you are doing when you ask another for this type of help. Be Very Sure of the source or you may be hurt much more than helped.

Just in case I have piqued your curiosity a little I have chosen to share with you a dream interpretation I performed for a very good friend who was a little uncertain of the dream that they were attempting to interpret. It turns out that this dream had much more meaning than the individual first thought. While I have no doubt that this individual would have gotten the message eventually, there was a hidden reason why they were driven to come to me with it. The message is universal and needs to be heard by more than just this one person. In short the dreamer became the messenger.


You be the judge:


Oki Two Feathers,

A couple of nights ago I had a long unusual dream. In this dream I found myself doing much that was in-between worlds. I understood in my dream that I was traveling through places that were in-between waking reality and the spirit world. At one point I am joining others in a circle, standing next to me is a very pregnant woman. She is in distress for some reason and needs assistance.

I know I can help her but I have to acquire a certain medicine. I get the medicine by cupping my hands under a round glass disc. (I understand in the dream that this disc is an entity.) The medicine is transferred to my hand, up my arms and into my body by purple/violet lightning bolts. I feel this like shock waves traveling up my arms. I help the pregnant woman by placing my hands on her swollen belly. When I am done I want to give the medicine back to the disc, so I cup my hands under it again and will the energy to return to its source, however I don't feel that same transferee happening. I try again thinking that it's not right for me to hang on to something that doesn't belong to me. But there is no indication that the energy has returned. I shrug my shoulders and go on with the dream. I am curious about the disc and the purple/violet lightening bolts. Do you know of any reference for this or what it might symbolize? I have found myself offering Reiki in my dreams before but this is the first time I energize my hands through another source. In looking at the dream events taking place before this part of the dream I'm thinking that the pregnant woman is me. I understand why she is distressed and why I can now help her but I don't know what the disc and purple/violet lightening bolts might represent. Any thoughts you have could be helpful and I'm willing to share more detail about the dream events leading up to that part.

(What follows is my response and our correspondence as we work through the interpretation.)


Two Feathers:


Mother is Earth is indeed pregnant and is in distress, please know that She will take care of herself very well in the Natural world as She has done for millions of years. What is being asked of you though has to do with your own species. Help them that cannot help themselves! The disk is your own personal power, which is your self confidence, your internal wisdom and the Love that you feel for all things. The energy is the materialization of that power as you come to balance with life. You are being shown the "What Can Be, if you decide to put aside human things and enter into the Spirit world while still in the physical." This is how you can help Mother Earth!

There is no way you can deny your personal power once you have realized it. There is a danger of losing your present reality, thus your need to put it back comes from fear. Overcome your fear and lend your LOVE to those who would have it. You are being shown the "What Can Be, if you decide to put aside human things and enter into the Spirit world while still in the physical."




O.K.Two Feathers, right here. I would like to know more about this statement. The 'What Can Be' I think I grasp but what 'human things' need to be put aside? If this activity is taking place in the dream time what human things would I be carrying with me there? Or is this a reference to human things of the waking world? If so what does the statement refer to, house, car, cloths, food, family, attachment to body? As a woman who has had many pregnancies and births I have given my body over several times to a 'greater force'. I need to understand what attachment I am carrying with me into the dreamtime.


Two Feathers:


The concept of what I have said and it's resolution are simple to grasp when they are shown but very difficult to activate in the physical realm because of the many years of training that we have endured at the hands of an uninformed society. By putting aside human things, I mean being able to be in a place of pure and lasting peace, where it is simply impossible to judge the actions of yourself and others. Whatever an action is whether it be good or negative will not be apparent to you as you will have moved beyond the point of the determination. The action simply is, and has happened for the benefit of the energy forms that will be affected by the action.

When you have reached this plane in the physical, it is significant as finally at last you can free yourself to to see the truth of life in the way that creation has defined it. The potential to help others along their path's of discovery is enormous to the point of miraculous. Except that you will not see the miracle, for the very act of defining miracles places limitations upon our perceptions.

When you have reached this place, you will be able to move at will anywhere you wish to go and in fact you will be anyplace you may see in your mind. The act of separating your dreams into a concept separate from our reality will cease to be and there will be no difference. You do not need to relinquish possession of anything because there is no need. When you are a "Realized Soul", all things belong to all entities and possession ceases to exist.

Sound impossible? It's not.


Dreamtime, Dreamtime
Wake up to your Dreamtime
With your feet on the ground
and your head in the stars
dance your dream awake
dream your dance awake.

Walk in the Presence of Trees,  Two Feathers


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