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Treaty 7


Kainaiwa - Blood Tribe



Siksika Na.


9th Moon of Happiness


Pathways: Person As Maker

Humans are the eternal maker & re-maker of reality.Without constant activity, life stagnates. Happiness is a life of physical action, adventure, solving realistic problems, and discovering techniques for  controlling the world. Our future depends not on what we feel or think, but on what we do. New problems constantly arise and future progress depends  on constant improvements and continual activity to overcome forces that threaten us. You are interested in technology and scientific advances as means to increase control over the world around you. Don't become complacent but strive to improve and advance. Your motto might be, "In the beginning was the Deed." Your ancestor was Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the Gods and ushered in the age of technology.

Pathways: Simple & Refined Pleasures

Enjoyment of simple and easily attainable pleasures is the key to happiness. You seek rest, relaxation, tasty food, talking with friends, pleasant surroundings, even the joy of just existing. Happiness is a comfortable and cozy home with soft easy-chairs, a well stocked kitchen, and places to enjoy the company of friends. You try to keep your body at ease and  move in a slow, relaxed manner. Driving ambition and fanaticism should be avoided. Your motto might be, "Keep it simple," or "Home, sweet home," and you are an Epicurean.

Pathways: Quiet Receptivity

Wait in quiet receptivity and good things will come of their own accord. You cannot find the good life through resolute action, indulging sensual desires, involvement in social life, helping others or intellectual problem solving. Instead, cease making demands and passively open yourself to the powers of nature that nourish the self. Happiness is to sit alone under the stars, calmly receptive to the voice of nature, letting the wisdom that surrounds us all enter within. Your motto would be "Take the path of least resistance" or "Be at one with nature." You follow Taoism, which in Chinese means "Path."



The Ninth Cycle of The Moon!

(From Wokini' by Billy Mills)


The Ninth Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness

David thought about the eighth picture. He decided he would no longer place such demands on himself.

The Man quickly moved on to the next outlook.

“Laughter is one of the keys of happiness. If a person can laugh, he can work through any problem that confronts him. It is one of the surest ways to keep yourself happy. The most beautiful thing about laughter is that it begins to make you feel better right away and is a very simple thing to do. Still, it’s important to devote a cycle of the moon to learn to use it in your life. The reason is simple—most people feel uncomfortable if they laugh too much. They think others will view them as strange. Yet, it’s not true. In your own life, think of the type of people you like to be around. Do you like people who laugh a lot, or those who don’t? The answer is simple—and it’s the same for everyone. We like to be around those who are happy—their happiness is contagious, and we feel better when we’re around them.”

David smiled and nodded. He knew it was true. He would read the meaning of this outlook three times a day during the ninth cycle of the moon.

The Man began.


I will be happy because I have learned to laugh at life.
Only people can laugh. No animals have this precious gift. Animals can cry in pain, growl in fear, and feel pangs of hunger. They can grow tired, and they can reproduce and hunt. Many can smell and hear better than man. They do not, however, laugh. Laughter is unique to humankind. It is a gift from Wakantanka—a gift so special He has given it to only one creature in this world. It must be very important for Him to have been so selective with this gift. From now on, I will lead my life with appreciation of this special gift.

I will learn to laugh at life.

I will smile when problems confront me, and I will laugh when things get me down. I know that by doing these things, I will improve my life. My physical health will improve, my mental health will improve, and my emotional health will improve. Laughter will limit negative feelings in my life, laughter will make me live longer, and laughter will give me a life worth living. Knowing the power of laughter is one of the world’s great secrets, and now it is mine.
I will also laugh at myself and the things I do. I will not take everything I do so seriously, because I know I am most comical when I do. Although I am the most special thing ever created, do I really believe the things I do today will have a profound effect on the world? Am I really that important? No, I know I’m not. What happens to me today will seem insignificant centuries from now. Why, then, should I take life so seriously? It is mine to enjoy, not to fret. Laughing at life will make me happy.

I will learn to laugh at life.

I must learn to laugh when things go wrong. I must learn to smile when there are problems. How will I do this? I must know that in time, the problems I face today will fade like a shadow as the sun sets. With laughter, I control my problems; my problems do not control me. Today, then, I will laugh more than I ever have. If I am angered, I must know that years from now, I will not remember it. If I am saddened by a friend, I must know that time will make the pain fade to distant memory. I must learn to think this way because it makes me more able to laugh and smile. If I laugh and smile, I have a power that changes my life.
What is this special power? It is simply this—laughter makes me happy. When I laugh, I become happy—no matter what is happening in my life! Why is this true? Because it is the way I am; it is the way I have been raised. When I was a child, I laughed when I was happy. When I grew older, I continued to laugh when I was happy. In time, laughter and happiness became one, and now there cannot be one without the other. If I laugh, I am happy. How do I know this is true? Because I have experienced it in my life. How many times have I been angry, and then someone made me smile, and my anger faded away? How many times have I laughed at the problems facing me because they were so overwhelming, and suddenly they seemed to be less important? It is true: To be happy, I simply must laugh.

I will learn to laugh at life.

From now on, I will laugh more often. I will wake up each morning with a smile and joyous shouts of laughter. Laughter will make all my problems seem less important. I will laugh at my failures, and they will fade to nothing; in their place will be new hope and understanding. I will laugh at my successes and realize how unimportant they are in the realm of time. Each day, I will smile and laugh because I know it makes me happy, and I truly want to be happy.
As long as I laugh, I will be happy. I will never be poor because I will feel happiness and love in my heart. I will never be uneducated because I know the greatest truth in the world. I will never be alone because happiness allows Wakantanka to speak to my soul. I will never feel sadness because I am too busy laughing to let it take root in my life.
I will laugh now. I will laugh again in a few minutes. I will laugh at every opportunity because it makes me happy. Wakantanka has given me this power to help me, and I will use it. I will be happy.

I will honor Wakantanka with happiness.

Thank you, Api-Sto-To-Ki, for showing me this!!!



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