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Treaty 7


Kainaiwa - Blood Tribe



Siksika Na.


8th moon of Happiness


Pathways: Selfless Altruism

Our central concern is sympathetic concern and selfless affection for others. Power over others or using them for your own purposesis avoided. Greed, emphasis on sexual passion, and undo concern for the self are avoided because they hinder the main goal of life which is to love others. True happiness requires purifying yourself by inhibiting self-assertiveness, reducing drives, and being receptive, appreciative and helpful toward others. Your motto might be, Love your neighbor as yourself or Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Pathways:Rhythms of Festivity & Solitude

You are not interested in controlling the destiny of the world or the life of society. Happiness is to enjoy life sensuously with intense pleasure and abandonment. You remain open and receptive to people and things in order to delight in them. More important than action or doing good deeds is to let go of oneself and be affected by people and things. Life is a festival, not a school for moral discipline. You enjoy a good party and can get wild at times. Ecstatic experiences are valued. This type of enjoyment requires that you be somewhat self-centered (in moderation as the occasion warrants) and free of  entanglements so that you are prepared for new happenings. For this you need time alone to be aware of yourself. Your life flows in alternating rhythms of intense festivity followed by solitude. Your motto might be "Carpe diem  (Seize the day) and your intellectual ancestor might be the Greek God Dionysius.


Pathways: Energetic Social Action

Our primary goal is not to be aloof and self-centered, but to merge with the social group and dedicate yourself to group activity and enjoyment of companionship. You invest energy into actively pursuing commonly shared goals of the group. Since people are essentially both social and active, the good life should merge energetic group activity and cooperative enjoyment. Meditation, self-sufficiency, abstract intellectuality, and solitude must be balanced because these undermine group bonds. Happiness is to live life outwardly with gusto, working with others to obtain those things which make a pleasant and energetic social life possible. Since thelife of the group is paramount, anyone who opposes these ideals should be helped to understand the value in balance of  all things. Your motto might be, "No man is an island,  and your intellectual ancestor would be Crazy Horse or Black Elk.


The Veil of Illusion

What is healing but the removal

of all that stands in the way of knowledge?

And how else can one dispel illusions

except by looking at them directly,

without protecting them?

Be not afraid, therefore,

for what you will be looking at

is the source of fear,

and you are beginning to learn

that fear is not real.


All illusions are of fear,

and they can be of nothing else.


No illusions can attract

the mind that has transcended them,

and left them far behind.


How easily do idols go

when they are still perceived

but wanted not.

How willingly the mind

can let them go

when it has understood

that idols are nothing and nowhere,

and are purposeless.


Forget not, then, that idols

must keep hidden what you are,

not from the Mind of God

but from your own.

There can be no order of difficulty in healing

merely because all sickness is illusion.


Be you thankful

that there is a place

where truth and beauty wait for you.

Go on to meet them gladly,

and learn how much awaits you

for the simple willingness

to give up nothing

because it is nothing.


There is no gap that separates

the truth from dreams

and from illusions.

Truth has left no room for them

in any place or time.

For it fills every place

and every time.

Gifts From a Course in Miracles


The Eighth Cycle of The Moon!

Wokini' by Billy Mills


The Eighth Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness

I am happy because I never insist on perfection.

To insist on perfection is to insist on the impossible. No man, including myself, is perfect. No man has ever gone through life without a single problem or single regret. No creature is perfect. Creatures lose their lives because they cannot understand all the dangers that confront them. The world is not perfect either. Nature has caused immense destruction and loss of life. If nothing living in the womb of Mother Earth has ever experienced absolute and continual perfection, why do I insist on it for myself and others? I can experience only failure and unhappiness when I insist on perfection. Why do I not instead simply do my best? Why do I not ask others for only their best effort? Doing the best possible or giving total effort is all I can ask of myself and others. I will not insist on perfection anymore. Knowing and believing in this basic truth will make me happy.

I will never be a perfectionist.

From now on, I will not insist on perfection for myself. I know perfection is an unattainable goal. If I insist on it, then I will be confronted with anger and despair,I will be unhappy. If instead I ask for not perfection but effort, I will be happy. From now on, I will set goals but will not despair if they do not come out exactly as planned. I will look for the best in every effort,I will not dwell on the worst. When I work hard, I will be proud because I know I am giving my best. If my end is not achieved, I will not blame myself unless I know I did not work to my fullest potential. Because I know and understand that failure is part of human nature, I will accept failure and use it to my advantage. I will learn from  failure because I know it can teach me important lessons in  life. By not insisting on perfection, I find it much easier to be happy.

I will never be a perfectionist.

Because I don't expect perfection for myself, I know I can't expect perfection in others. Knowing this makes me a better person. I understand when others do not do what I ask; I sympathize when things go wrong for them; I feel their pain when they are saddened. I can only ask of them what I ask of myself,best effort. If I insist on perfection from others, I will become their enemy. If I insist on perfection, I will be cold‑hearted in their eyes. If I insist on perfection, my leadership will be disregarded, because they know that per?fection is unattainable. If I insist on perfection, I will never be satisfied by the performance of others. Perfection is a dream; effort is reality. I will live my life with an eye for reality, I will not live in a dream world. I will be happy because my wisdom leads me to this basic truth.

I will never be a perfectionist.

I will not insist on perfection from nature. Just as I cannot insist on perfection from myself or others, I will not insist that nature be perfect. I will not expect the sun to shine every day, I will not be surprised when storms create a path of ruin. I will come to expect the unexpected. I know that to insist on perfection in nature is to be the One True Power in the sky. I know I am not Api-Sto-To-Ki  . I will not insist on perfection.

I will never be a perfectionist.

How will this affect my life and the things I do? It will make me happy. I will become more patient, more understanding and wiser. I will be looked upon by those that appreciate my kindness. I will know and understand that I cannot please everyone with the things I say and do. By not insisting on perfection, I will come to understand this important truth. By understanding this, I will find it easier to be happy.

If I insist on effort instead of perfection, I will look upon my own life with a greater understanding. I will accept, with greater patience, the problems that confront me. If I insist on effort from others rather than perfection, they will come to appreciate me as a person and friend. If I do not expect perfection, I will be happy because I see the world in a new way.


Effort, not perfection, is what I will ask of myself. Doing this will make me happy.

--WOKINI Billy Mills

Thank you, Api-Sto-To-Ki, for showing me this!!!




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