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Treaty 7


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Siksika Na.


7th Moon of Happiness

Key: Spirituality & Self Transcendence

Man must not rely on pure reason; he must mix faith with it.
---Nachman of Bratslav

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
---Albert Einstein


Sociologist Robert Bellah and other recent social critics have questioned the excess emphasis on self-esteem and the preoccupation with self generally with its endless hyphenated forms of self-this and self-that. The era of the 1960'-70's was dubbed the "Me-Generation  when people discovered self- actualization. As the dangers of an imbalance towards the self became clear, the 1980's emerged as the "We-Generation  in which people began to refocus on relationships with others and building community.

But even this rebalancing between self and other, between the individual and the community, still left a void for many. "I have a good job, a beautiful wife, great kids, friends, a home in the suburbs,but I'm still unhappy. Something is missing, but I don't know what it is.
 This familiar lament has led many to re-discover the transcendent dimension of spirituality and religion that reaches beyond both the self and other people to a higher source of happiness. This higher or transcendent happiness involves a movement of the person toward unity or the soul's striving towards the Supreme One, as this concept was traditionally phrased.

News magazines have heralded the return to religion. M. Scott Peck's classic work on the spiritual path to happiness, The Road Less Traveled*, has been more popular than most books except the Bible itself. And New Age writers have popularized the return to a spiritual quest with many alternative paths.

Genuine spiritual development must be sought for its own value, not for its tangible rewards or effects. Often religious belief involves sacrifice and increased suffering,in the short run at least. But motivation to move towards spirituality can be boosted by knowledge of the positive effects that religious practice and sentiment can have on well being. Previously, many scientifically oriented psychotherapists have proclaimed religion to be inherently immature, irrational and unhealthy,without having any scientific proof to support this position. But recently, modern research is finding powerful positive effects of spirituality on both mental and physical health.

Dr. Donald Larson and associates at Duke University Medical School systematically reviewed over 1000 research articles on religion and health in a leading medical journal. Of those articles that dealt with religion, about 3 times as many found positive benefits on well being and health vs. negative effects. Positive benefits came from religious practice, church attendance, prayer, and relationship with God, and social support.  So is religion good or bad for our health? The study described above supports an old distinction made by Gordon Allport in his classic The Individual and His Religion. between immature and mature approaches to faith. Faith can heal, but like anything in secular life, if used improperly it can harm.  If older age can bring wisdom, the elderly would be wise to consider the recent finding that religion and social support both can increase the likelihood of surviving open-heart surgery. Thomas Oxman of Dartmouth University Medical School found that patients over age 55 were 3 times more likely to survive cardiac surgery if they said they found strength and comfort from their religious involvement than those who had no comfort from their faith. Those who were actively involved in social and community volunteer work, senior centers or clubs also had a 3 times greater chance of surviving than those uninvolved in organized activity. For those who want a more powerful immunization shot consider this: The elderly who were socially involved and drew solace from religious faith had a 10 times greater chance of survival. 

Should mature religious involvement be a path on your pursuit of happiness?



The Seventh Cycle of The Moon!

(From Wokini' by Billy Mills)


The Seventh Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness


I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

I know this is the foundation of happiness in my life. Winds can topple trees, earthquakes can stop a river from flowing, and fire can destroy a valley. The strength and power of men can destroy cities, but the power of love shall help me overcome anything that faces me. Love is the strength that binds people together. It is the most powerful thing of all. I must learn to love myself to be happy. If I don't, I will be lost in an unknown land with despair and loneliness all around me.

I may not be attractive, I may not be intelligent, I may not say the right words or do the right things, but I know that the love of myself will open the hearts of all. If I love myself, I have an unseen strength that others will see. I will glow with happiness like the sun and radiate love to all those who see me. I will become like Api-Sto-To-Ki, I will seem wise to all that meet me. Others will come from far around to learn from me as if I have a secret that only a few can learn. I will tell them they must come to love themselves because that is the cornerstone of true wisdom and happiness.

I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

How can I love myself? It is simple. I must look upon my life as sacred. I am special because no one else can ever be the same as me. I have abilities and thoughts no one else has, and these make me valuable to the world. I love what I can and can't do because I know these things are unique to me. I love what I say because the words come from my soul. I love my feelings because they come from my heart. I love myself because Api-Sto-To-Ki was wise and all‑knowing when he created me. He makes no mistakes, and I am the most precious thing He has ever created.

I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

I love myself for thousands of reasons. I love my words, my actions, my thoughts and my dreams. I love myself because it makes me happy. And if I love myself and am happy, I can I love all things. I can love all creatures, I can love nature, I can love other people. Without a love of myself, these things are impossible. If I cannot love myself, I cannot love the world. If I cannot love myself, I cannot love others, because I do not feel happiness in my heart. If I cannot love myself, I cannot be happy. If I am not happy, my life is worthless.

But I know my life is not worthless! I can love! I can and do love myself because I want to be happy ! I know Api-Sto-To-Ki created me with love, and I will love His creation. I love myself because I am meant to be happy. That is Api-Sto-To-Ki's greatest desire for me. From now on, I will love myself and lead my life with love in my heart. And that love will spill out of me and improve my life in every way.

I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

I will love myself because I see the world with love. I will love all creatures I see because I know each and every thing has a place in this world. I will love nature because it is beautiful and ever changing. I will love the world because that love will make it a better place.

I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

I will love myself because I will begin to see other people with love in my heart. I will love the poor because they teach me to be charitable, I will love the rich because they teach me ambition. I will love the uneducated because they see the world in a way which I cannot. I will love the intelligent because they teach me things I would otherwise never know I will love all people because they are special and unique and I recognize their rarity in the world. If I see all men with love in my heart I am happy. I will love myself and others because it makes the world a more peaceful place.

I will learn to live with, and love, myself.

I will love the things I say because I know I speak with love and goodness. I will teach that love is the power that unites all. I will teach that love can help overcome all obstacles. I will say that I love myself because I know that without these words on my lips, I cannot be happy. If I love myself, I will be able to speak these words of love. If I speak the words of love to myself and others, I will be happy. Love and happiness go hand in hand.

I will love the things I do because my way of doing things is unique. I have abilities and limitations that make the things I do unlike those of anyone before me. I love myself because I know that my actions can never be replicated. I am special,  I am of immense value to the world.

I am happy because I love myself.  


Thank you, Api-Sto-To-Ki, for showing me this!!!




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