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Treaty 7


Kainaiwa - Blood Tribe



Siksika Na.


10th Moon of Happiness


This chapter concludes the course in retraining ourselves to be happy. It has been my pleasure to watch the various lives of those who have taken upon themselves these teachings and have at the vary least become aware that there are indeed tried and true ways to accomplish happiness. 

        I have always asserted that happiness can simply be accomplished by a change of ones attitude. Most times we need to see over a course of time that what is being taught has validity and substance before we are willing to take a chance and attempt to incorporate those teachings into our own experience. Hopefully that has happened for some of you over the past ten moons of your lives. 

 A decision to change ones mind about  ourselves, to be honest when we look in the mirror, knowing that resisting change is the same as welcoming stagnation is the first step in opening the door to a higher life and learning. We need to know that a goal to be constantly in a state of bliss is at best denial and at worst destructive to our spiritual purpose. Just as nature travels in circles so do our lives and we revolve in an ebb and flow of cyclical ups and downs. The down times provide intense learning opportunities and the up times  provide occasions to be thankful for those learning times. 

        For those of you who have taken in these lessons and have found yourselves in a better place doing so, I ask that you in turn pass on what you have learned to those who would hear you.  

Thank you for you patience and indulgence and I am honored that you would take time out of your busy lives to listen to a humble person who would share his life with you!   

Remember always that Nature and the Natural way is the key to all happiness and growth. 

--Two Feathers


PathWays: Vigorous Self Control

Vigilant and firm self-control is the hallmark of life. You do not accept an easy self-control by retreating from the world, but live in the world and respect its powers and your own limits. Happiness is sought in a life that is steadfastly devoted to high ideals, guided by rationality, uninfluenced by seductive desires, and successful in performing one's duty with dignity and respect. You do not expect utopias or final victories and keep your expectations realistic. But with effort you can hold firm to the reins of the self, understand your place in the world, maintain self-reliant dignity, and thereby become truly free. Your motto is "I am the captain of my ship, the master of my soul," and you draw upon the values of Stoicism & Victorianism.


Pathways: Balanced Integration of Diversity

Our primary concern is to accept and integrate the various aspects of the human self given unequal emphasis by the other paths. Life involves a tension of opposites that must be harmonized. You see people as multiple, open and diverse, not limited by one pole of an opposition or the other. Depending on the time and circumstances, you can be self-focused or altruistic, resolute or receptive, engaged or detached, ecstatic or restrained. You enjoy both solitude and joyous celebration. You are considerate of others yet do not neglect the development of your unique self. Happiness involves a rich and dynamic balance of enjoyment, action, and contemplation in equal amounts. Flexibility, complexity and appreciation of change are paramount values. Extremes are generally avoided. But more important than moderation is to create a personal self that integrates and harmonizes life's seeming contradictions. Your motto might be "I contain multitudes," and "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one.).. You still seek an intellectual mentor, but draw inpspiration from traditonal Eastern and Western paths and from ideas of harmony, balance, integration, unity, wholeness, and cosmos.


The Tenth Cycle of The Moon

(From 'Wokini' by Billy Mills)


The Tenth Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness


I will be happy because I can see another person's point of view.

There are so few things as important in the world as understanding a loved one, a stranger, or an enemy and seeing the world from their point of view. I become wise when I can sympathize with their feelings, I realize the importance of actions or words when I see the world with their eyes; my life becomes more vibrant when I experience what they are going through. Most of all, I become kinder, gentler and less concerned with myself. Charity begins to take root in my life, and charity makes me feel good. I become happy when I help those in need. I will learn to see the other's point of view and I will be happier as a result.

How often have I regretted an action that I took without thinking of another? How often have I felt guilt because my words hurt another? How often have I felt sadness because I caused another great pain? Too many to count. From now on, I'll do no such things. I will think of others before I think of myself. I will act as Api-Sto-To-Ki desires-with kindness and understanding toward others.

What will I receive in return? I will receive happiness in my life. I will know I am a person who truly cares about others. I will know that I have acted with goodness in my heart. I will remove guilt, sadness and regret from my life and replace it with dignity and love. I will find it easy to look at myself with pride and happiness when I know I have lived my life with other people in mind. I will become a symbol of hope in a world of turmoil.

I will learn to see the other's point of view.

I will also make fewer mistakes in my life if I think of another person first. I will more carefully think through the problems facing me and act in a way that makes me happy. I will take the time to learn about the concerns of those I love and take their feelings into account when I make a decision. By acting with their concerns in mind, they will know that I truly care about them. We will grow in love, we will grow in hope and happiness. We will have a much better life.

I will learn to see the other's point of view.

By seeing another person's point of view, I will become more loving. I will be more patient and kind. I will not be jealous, arrogant, boastful or rude. I will not insist on my own r way or be resentful. I will bear all things, believe in the goodness of all, my happiness will endure forever.

I will see the other's point of view.

I will be happy because I will do the right thing. I will act from concern and love, and knowing this makes me feel good about myself. I know that charity toward others at the expense of myself is often overlooked by those around me. Yet, I do not act charitably for simply other people's good, I do it for myself. I will be happier when I do such things because it is the way Api-Sto-To-Ki wants me to act. Just as He has given of himself for us, I will give of myself to others. Api-Sto-To-Ki way is the right way; it is a way of life that will surely make me happy.

I will see the other person's point of view, and I will be happy.

--WOKINI  Billy Mills




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