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Blackfoot Sacred Lands

Two Medicine Lake 

Our Father is the Sky! Our Mother is the Earth!
Our Life is our song! May our Songs Create joy!
May our Children always Smile.

--Two Feathers

Two Medicine Lake

Montana, USA

Left Feather Oki Niksokowa Right Feather

Human kind has not woven the web of life!
We are but one thread within it!
Whatever we do to the web we do
To ourselves. All things are bound together.

All things connect.

--Chief Seattle

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Published on Dec 3, 2014

We invite you to share your artwork, videos, poems, songs and stories for us to share with the world. SHARE THE SPIRIT OF IDLE NO MORE! What does Idle No More mean to you? How did you get involved in the movement? How are you still involved? How is your INM work impacting your community?

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A Native American - information site where your search for Truth is of primary importance! What the history books failed to include because the dominant culture considered First People third class citizens!

Here you can learn a bit about the Plains Indian. How they lived, how they prayed and how they died. You will learn about the Sstsiiyi Lodge (sweat) - you will learn about the role the Buffalo played in our lives - more importantly you will learn about our dieing and the causes behind that.

This web site is forever changing and being redesigned so if you see a page that could look more appealing please be assured we are working toward a redesign that will better fit the message. If there is a suggestion, please use our Feedback page and know that all comments are welcome. - Aho - Two Feathers!

We like to view this site as an open agenda site where accurate information is shared.

Therefore we are requesting articles relating to Native American traditions. If you have information to share please submit via our Feedback Page and as we are able we will verify your information and if usable will publish it on this site.


Red Tailed Hawk  (Buteo jamaicensis)  Messenger of the Gods

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Chief Mountain, Mt Sacred Mountain

Chief Mountain, Mt

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